What’s Your Style?

Each of us has our own personal style. Over the years, as we move from house to house, possibly acquiring partners, children, pets etc, our style alters as we grow but still remains unique to us.

So when planning on moving to a new house, our first thought should be, “What’s my style?” How can you determine your style? You have to bear in mind that the most successful decorating schemes are those which please your senses and suit your lifestyle. There may sometimes be restraints to this such as our budgets or necessary compromises with those we share our spaces with. Also, with the numerous patterns and textures that can be found in the market from different parts of the world, it can get confusing as to what style you wish to decorate in. To aid in understanding this, I have broken it down to three different styles- traditional, classic and modern. How do you determine which you are? Here’s a tester;


Your style is Traditionalist if:

  • You like informal sitting arrangement where the atmosphere is more relaxed. You could have mismatching furniture that bothers on comfort.
  • You like a historical look
  • Cosy atmosphere
  • Antique or vintage furniture that has been handed down over generations


Your style is Classic if:

  • You like formal sitting arrangement with symmetric balance and frequently with sets of coordinating furniture
  • You like a style that will stand the test of time
  • Simple and restrained atmosphere in your rooms
  • Classic designs that won’t date


Your style is Modern if:

  • You like formal sitting arrangements
  • A look that is up to the minute
  • Streamlined and organized
  • Sophisticated furniture made from top quality materials.

Once you have decided on your style, use that as a foundation upon which you build your interior theme on.